About Us

About Us

Who We are

Investing in Young People

A world where young people proactively engage in productive and skill developing activities in their communities.
To provide guidance and nurture Ugandan Youth who use their Skills and Arts to impact positively to their communities.
Why Youth HUB?

If not Ourselves, then Who?

My story is not different from thousands and millions of other young people in Uganda. Growing up in and around under privileged communities in Uganda known as Ghettos and making it to University while seeing fellow youth struggling with bad behavior culminating from peer to peer influence, violence, drug abuse and illiteracy.

It was very vital for me as a lucky graduate to try and help the underprivileged fellow youths from our communities earn decent livelihoods.

It is very heart breaking to see the people you grew up with, suffering as young single mothers, others dying at a tender age due to violence, many youths suffering from mental retardation due to drugs and narcotics, others rotting in prisons due to immoral behaviors, prostitution and many other challenges.

Having been blessed with the gift of university education, I, with other straight thinking young men and women were motivated to create the much desired positive change in our country hence forming The Youth Hub Uganda.
Savio Mark Lule
Founder & Team Leader
The Youth Hub Uganda
Why we do what we do

To Changing Lives

Our efforts are timely to create a platform that amplifies the voices and broadcast the skills of young people since they have been speaking for a long time but remain unheard.

Ugandans are
15-24 years of age


Ugandan youth
are unemployed


of the country population
is aged between 10 - 24 years

Creating Voice &
Visibility for Young People

Our Governing Core Values
The Youth Hub Uganda works mostly with vulnerable communities and unprivileged young people who don’t get chance to formal education but are able to use their skills and talents to impact positively onto their communities. We also work with young people that are still in school and guide them through decision making at their youthful stage of growth as well as empowering them with skills that help them succeed in life and build their communities.
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